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Community Involvement -
partnering with others to help
our communities and care for our environment.
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Developing minds at the most formative stage of life
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Developing Career Interests 

Junior World  lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our teaching is designed to have a cascading, positive influence throughout a child’s lifetime. We help prepare your child(ren) to reach the appropriate academic level by sixth grade. Parents are encouraged to get familiarized with our vision/mission, our history, our rules, our governance structure, regulations, and certainly, our activities and Calendar of Events.


We Are More Than a School - We Are a Community

Among other things, JuWLAC supports Jamaica and the community through tangible contributions. In the past, the school shared via our "Project Hope" programme, but now we are registering a charitable arm called "The JuWLAC Foundation" to continue the community efforts and goodwill

Principal Director:

Andrea Lyn is a Christian, wife, and mother of three. She is a firm believer that one should give of their best and seek to produce excellence (only the best is good enough). She does not believe in mediocrity and encourages those who serve with her to be the best they can be to the glory of God and for the good of those they serve. As a progressing career banker, she decided to leave the financial world to become an early childhood educator and studied at Shortwood Teachers’ College, to better understand the needs of the children in that age group. She has a wealth of experience in and exposure to finance and administration and in all the organizations she has served, her leadership (training, ability and style) has proven to be very effective.

Board of Directors - Principal Director: Andrea Lyn (Mrs)
Junior World is a limited liability company with a Board of Directors made up of its founders, who set and monitor the standards and vision
Board of Managers - Chairman: Ian Anderson (Mr)
The Board of Managers is made up of parents, the principal, community personnel, the school's lawyer, the accountant, and directors. They assist the Directors to keep standards. 
Administrative Team - Principal Administrator: Althea Howard (Mrs)
Junior World has a dedicated team of Teachers, Ancillary and Admin staff, who play their parts well to ensure the daily operations go accordingly to plan and the vision
PTA Executive Committee - President: Kerryann Davis (Mrs.)

Junior World has a vibrant PTA body assisting the school to raise funds for special projects and activities. This ensures that the standards and vision are maintained.

PTA Executive Committee 2022/23.
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Teaching to achieve