Students' Achievements:
**Our own Zayne Thomas topped 28 other schools to become the Kiwanis Little Bee Spelling Champion. Congrats to Zayne, his parents, and the teachers who worked with him to achieve this success!

**Over the years our school has participated in the JCDC Finals, as well as other Prep school competitions, and was awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals in the following activities:

       Speech            Dance          Track & Field           Swimming           Gymnastics            Chess
  Paul & Andrea Lyn Cash Award- to the most outstanding performer in the PEP exams
                                                                                                                              since 2022:

2022- 2023 recipient:
                          Azjiza Samuels (96%)
                          1st choice placement: St. Andrew High School for Girls

2021-2022 recipients:
         1. Zahnaya Nelson (97%)
     1st choice placement: Immaculate Conception
                               High School
                                        Presented by Lloyd Newell Grade 6 Teacher
              2. Logan Martin- (97%)
                      1st choice placement: Ardenne High School
                                                      Presented by Althea Howard- School's' Principal

Little Bee Spelling Champion 2023

Zayne Thomas